Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
Physical Education Department
Subject Objective

According to “PEKLA An Overview of the Learning Topics in the Six Strands”, school physical education (PE) is, through teaching a wide range of sports skills and knowledge, helps students develop an active and healthy lifestyle, and nurture balanced development in the five virtues, ‘ethics, intellect, physical development, social skills and aesthetics’. PE centers around physical activities, focuses on learning motor and sports skills, and is keen to develop physical fitness.

A school-based PE curriculum should be broad and balanced; and cover the six strands of knowledge. The six strands are “motor and sports skills”, “health and fitness”, sports-related values and attitudes”, “knowledge and practice of safety”, knowledge of movement” and “aesthetic sensitivity” respectively. Their learning targets are as follows:

  1. Motor and sports skills – To acquire locomotor, body coordination and object manipulative skills in a wide range of physical activities for fun and performance.
  2. Health and fitness – To ascertain how physical activities relate to good health; and learn the basics of planning, implementing and evaluating individualized workout plans.
  3. Sports-related values and attitudes – To understand the meaning of sports competition and develop positive values and attitudes.
  4. Knowledge and practice of safety – To learn risk management; and implement measures to prevent sports injuries.
  5. Knowledge of movement – To construct a knowledge base for fun, performance, and the organization of physical activities.
  6. Aesthetic sensitivity – To understand the meaning of beauty; and strengthen the capability of giving comments on physical performance.
These six strands are also the same as the mission of Physical Education Department of our school. We also suggest extending PE learning beyond the classroom. Through co-curricular physical activities such as school team training, inter-house competition or inter-school competition, students may develop an interest in sports, engage regularly in physical activities, and ultimately lead an active and healthy lifestyle.