TKPSS Physical Education Teachers' Name List

1. Organization

There are totally two Physical Education teachers in school including the panel chair and one subject teacher. They have to share responsibility for duties of the subject.

All students from F.1 to F. 6 have two Physical Education lessons per week. With the purpose of equalizing the number of students in every class, there is a combination of two classes from F.1 to F.4 for having the lessons. For example, class 1A and class 1B have lesson together. On the other hand, class 1C have lesson with class 1D. Boys and girls in each combined class would have lesson separately and taught by male teacher and female teacher respectively. However, as F.5 and F.6 both have five classes, there is one class in each form would have to have lesson with their own. In this situation, no class separation of boys and girls would be made.

2. Subject Teachers

Tung Kam Yuen (Panel Chairperson), Lau Ching Lui