1. To arouse the interest in studying science.
  2. To motivate their curiosity in investigating the nature.
  3. To arouse the awareness of the current issues in science aspect and to cultivate the positive attitude towards the current problems.
  4. To arouse the awareness of laboratory safety concept.
  5. To inspire the discovery approach in learning.
  6. To emphasize the objective, critical observation and logical thinking technique.
  7. To equip students with better learning strategies in science studies.
  8. To build up the confidence in handling the practical skills.
  9. To enhance the students’ awareness of experimental skill and concept of formation.
  10. To emphasize the analytical power in data.
  11. To enhance the experience or knowledge of students in solving relevant problems in new situation.
  12. To concern individual differences of classes in learning.
  13. To develop the dependency of students in conducting activities for others.
  14. To bridge the gap that exists between P.6 and S.1



To help students to achieve the following aspects:


Skills to be developed

Interest in science

Learning skill

Experimental skill

Build up concepts




The above planning can be assessed by the following ways.