Principal - Mr. Chan Yee Hon


Carry on and Expand our Legacy

Dear students and parents,

It is my great honour to be the new Principal of TKPSS starting from 1 Sept, 2020. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to the School Supervisor, Mr Tin, Dr Yuen, and the Incorporated Management Committee who have trusted me to shoulder this important responsibility in such challenging times.

Dr Yuen, our newly retired Principal, once said that being Principal was like leading a group of people to march towards the goal. Along the route, mountains emerge without any even passage, either uphill or downhill. It is the leader’s duty to set apposite course for the team and lead them across.

Thanks to the unrelenting efforts made by the Incorporated Management Committee, previous principals and staff members former and present, TKPSS has traversed a beautiful path over the years. Looking around, we found that the circumstance has changed drastically and we, in fact Hong Kong as a whole, are treading a rugged terrain.

As the new leader, I look forward that all the staff members will embrace the challenges, seize whatever opportunity to put our educational ideals into practice, and keep watching over our students and building them up. When our hearts are united, I believe, even though the journey comes across turns and twists, we shall rise to the challenge and scale new heights.

In the days to come, I will uphold the school mission and carry on Dr Tin’s vision of education, steer the school to carry out our educational ideals, and make TKPSS be the blessing of every student. May we work together for a better tomorrow, leaving behind still more beautiful footsteps.